Stone Lithograph from 2010
The Torpedo Factory at night
My name is David Skibiak, I am the owner of DS Grafx.com a growing graphic arts firm located in suburban Washington, D.C. As a graphic designer, I have been the beneficiary of huge advances in development specific to the field including digital photography, software technology and desktop publishing, over the past twenty-five years. As a Fine Artist, like so many artists these days, have worked in both the graphics field and in the Fine Arts, as a printmaker and an instructor at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Although the classic traditions of etching, lithography, drawing, painting, etc., have changed little if at all, the electronic media is changing everyday providing new and challenging opportunities. No matter which medium or means of communication taps into your creative source, this is an amazing time for exploration in visual arts and so, I would like to invite you to peruse what I call my Digital Sketchbook.
"Vienna Elementary School"
by Ross and Nan Netherton Pen and ink drawing
used in the publication.
Three color etching, 'Provence Hillside', 1999     Sunset on Chesapeake Bay, 2009
2007 Army 10 Miler Tee shirt competition Composite photographs of Nationals pitcher
Painting of Riverbend Park, 1981 Savanah, GA
Gregg Allman autographed etching, 2010

Who exactly gets to say what is art? Does competency play any part, or is it based on ones' strictly emotional response? Is it solely market driven or is it elitist reasoning that makes the rules amd determines who is 'an artist'? Or is it a simple matter little of this and a little of that?

Art is clearly in the eye of the beholder and the same must be true, for the most part, in the eye of the creator.

The 2011 Town of Vienna, VA Calendar
    Working on a litho stone at the Torpedo Factory.
Looking sharp!  
A lovely & lively little doll
'No hay, No pony ride!'
At some point in your life, a career decision needs to be made. For an artist, it is often said, that decision has already been made. Just how humbling this "choice" could possibly be usually turns up when the ideas are running low or rejection surfaces. An artist's life is all about fluidity of originality and creativity and ones' value and worth isn't measured strictly in sales or determined monetarily. But artists have to eat too and lest we forget our old friend Vincent Van Gogh, what would have been todays' equivalent of forty dollars, would have got you one of his masterpieces.

So, does an artist's life then equate to certain poverty? Let me put this way, don't decide to become an artist because you want to get rich!

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