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Custom web site designs from DS Grafx combine functionality with graphic skills (logos, illustration, typography, photography, animation) and content management. Utilizing up to date information technology with marketing expertise to clarify your business strategies, has been DS Grafx formula in creating websites for local businesses and mid-size companies for over twenty years. A custom web site from DS Grafx will set you apart from your competition, and it will get you noticed.
DS Grafx's customers have come to expect affordable custom web design, whether it's getting a business up and running, a total makeover or maintaining an existing web site. Our comittment to marketing your brand — without breaking the bank — is foremost.
As well as SEO marketing of web sites for todays search engines, DS Grafx will validate your code for spider accessibility, makeover your web site and update your meta tag information as part of the package.
WordPress is a very powerful, completely customizable content management system, that can be as complex or as simple as you wish. Database functionality that until very recently required lots of 'know-how' and php coding, are now plugins known as 'widgets', designed for ease of use that you download and install yourself.
WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web and with the huge number of templates to choose from (a lot of them free), it's easy to see why.
E-commerce is the most thriving and rapidly expanding sector of the internet — making less costly and more convenient — more secure transactions online. Using the most advanced features to set up your own online store, including each item with it's own SKU, shipping weight, and stock level, allows you to sell more with the least effort.
Once your business is online, support from DS Grafx will provide you with worksteps to maintain your store and update with easy listing instructions.
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